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About Us
Helping you to be healthy & wealthy is our mission. As a leading Malaysian provider of effective and safe health supplements & other health care products, Healthy Way continues to successfully fulfil this promise for thousands of satisfied customers. With our 20 years of experience, combined with our professional team of qualified staff, we are ready to serve you well, and meet your expectations & individual health needs.

Our Team

Our team will attend to your health needs enthusiastically with professionalism, proficiency and dedication. The Healthy Way team is lead by our founders- David Ding & Esther Ding who began Healthy Way 20 years ago with a sincere desire to help others better their health. David Ding is a former senior research scientist & university lecturer; and Esther Ding, a nutritionist with numerous years of experience. Together with Amy Ding, a Chartered Accountant, they form the Company's Board of Directors.

They are joined by a multi-disciplined team of nutritionists, bio-medical scientists, related science professionals, sales & marketing, finance & administration personnel. Together, the Healthy Way team strives hard to provide you with knowledgeable, convenient and efficient service.

Our Products

Through our product research and development over the past 20 years, we are able to offer to you top quality health supplement products from reputable suppliers throughout the world. Since our beginnings, it has also been our commitment to provide effective, safe, fresh & top quality products. Our wide product range includes vitamins & minerals, dietary & herbal supplements, green foods, functional foods, health drinks, cosmetics and aromatherapy oils. Many of our products have been time-tested for their safety, effectiveness & premium quality as they have been successfully sold in world markets for many years. Numerous satisfied customers continue to testify to their quality & effectiveness.

We are confident that just like our thousands of satisfied customers, you too will be pleased with our superior quality products. And as proof of our confidence in our products, our products are backed by a 30 Day Product Guarantee that allows you to order risk-free.

Our Services

Easy Ordering & Free Delivery. For your convenience, we have over 50 Healthy Way Stockist Points all over Malaysia and Brunei where you can purchase your products. To locate your nearest stockist point, simply call our Toll Free Customer Care Line (1800-88-0588). You can also order by phone, e-mail or fax and delivery is free for minimum purchases of RM 200.00 for West Malaysia.

Free Health Consultations. Without proper information and advice, solving various health problems and maintaining good health can be rather difficult. Let us help. With our 20 years of experience, knowledge, and expertise, we are able to provide you with valuable free information and personalized consultation with no obligations. Contact us or call our Toll Free Customer Care Line (1800-88-0588) and we will be happy to help you to stay healthy.

Free Health Updates & Health Seminars. With the many advancements in modern health science, there is a lot of useful information which can help you improve your health & overcome your health problems. For your convenience, we search for this information, evaluate it & supply it to you through our newsletters & health updates. We also conduct free seminars on useful health topics in different locations throughout Malaysia. By simply reading our publications & attending our seminars, you can easily get the information you need to care for your health.

Our Opportunities

Regardless whether you are our customer or business partner, you can enjoy benefits that will enrich and improve the quality of your life. As a customer you will enjoy better health, quality products, multiple savings, promotions, free gifts, free health information and health consultations. As our business partner you will have the opportunity to have your own business with no risk and capital investment. Just by sharing the benefits of our products and business opportunities with others, you can earn attractive extra incomes and other perks that will enable you to enjoy the luxuries of life.

Our Commitment To Business Integrity

Since the founding of Healthy Way, it has always been our firm commitment & practice that we conduct our business in a lawful, ethical and trustworthy manner, reflecting high standards of integrity, honesty and responsibility. That's why Healthy Way has established a respectable reputation as a reliable, responsible and ethical multi-level marketing company licensed by the Malaysian Government. We are members of the Business Ethics Institute of Malaysia (BEIM) and the Malaysian Direct Distribution Association (MDDA). Both associations work closely with the government and consumer associations to safeguard the interest of consumers and to promote business ethics, integrity & good governance.

Our Aspirations

We look forward to developing a mutually beneficial lifetime relationship with you. We strive to continuously build your confidence in us, in our products & in our services. Join us as a Healthy Way member and join our thousands of satisfied customers and business partners. We are confident that we can serve you to your expectations and make you one of our satisfied customers and business partners too.

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